Archangel Michael


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Feel safe and protected so that you can cut yourself free of your fears. Then you will find the faith in yourself and the courage to live your life fully.

Place yourself in the centre of the image and place your attention in the centre of yourself and call Archangel Michael to you. Feel his enormous strength and power whirling around you. Let him place his protective shield before and behind you, to your left and right and below and above you. Let his deep blue cloak of protection envelop you, folding you into a place of safety. Know that you are cared for and safe.

Let his mighty sword cut you free from your fears, from negative energy that binds you, restricts you. In this way you can become free to know your own truth, to know who you really are. You will find the strength and the courage to be yourself, to be free to live your life to its fullest potential.


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