Angels of Love


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Bring love into your life. Ask the angels of love to help you open your heart, allow yourself to love you and be loved.

The universe is made of infinite energy, the energy of love and light. Comforting pink energy soothes all levels, mental, physical and emotional. It helps soothe anger and neglect encouraging compassion, pure love and unconditional love. It will help you open your heart to love yourself and others and be loved in return.

See yourself at the centre of the image of this scarf, a beautiful flowering mandala of pink energy, formed here in sacred geometry. You are surrounded by and linked to an intricate geometrical expression of universal light and love. You are a being of light and love, a part of an infinite universe of light and love, always. It can not be otherwise.

Around you all the time are Angelic bursts of love. They are connected here, circling you in a halo of golden light. All you need to do is call the Angels of Love to you. Bring them into your awareness, allow their presence to bring the aspect of love into your life.


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