Aura Candles

I have been guided to create beautiful, energised, positive healing candles with crystals inside the wax to further energise and amplify the energy. Each candle will have gone through an energising process over a few days, which includes angelic healing, so by the time they reach you, they are ready to burn and fill your home with powerful healing energy and light.

The candles will burn from 20 – 40 hours plus and by the time they have burnt down to the bottom, you can retrieve and wash your crystal and add it to your collection.

Once the candles have been made and the essential oils added to create an amazing aroma, they are put on to a Merkaba grid for 3 days which is also surrounded by powerful crystals. After energising the candles, Angelic healing is then added before they are ready to send out into the world to bring their light into your homes.

9cl candles – burn time approx. 20 hours
20cl candles – burn time approx. 30 hours
30cl candles – burn time approx 40 hours
50cl 3 wick candles – burn time 40 hours plus

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Showing 1–12 of 15 results