Creating Aura Beads Jewellery

Once intuitively created using over 200 different types of crystal beads, the bracelets are hand made with love and intention by Karen and her team.

Karen sources the best quality crystals and gems from around the world to bring you the highest vibrational quality. Each creation goes through an energising process which involves the use of sound healing, angelic essences and sprays before being charged in 2m high amethyst ‘caves’ for at least 3 days.

On special celestial events such as an equinox, solstice, eclipse or planetary alignment the creations are also charged outdoors to capture these special energies.

Once the energising process is complete, the creations are ready to go out to the world to bring their supportive light and energy into your lives.

Due to being handmade to order, each item is unique and will therefore not be identical.



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