Archangel Metatron


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Re-establish order, see the true measure of things. Find clarity and realise your full potential. Feel this mighty being surrounding, guiding and supporting you.

All colours are contained in deep magenta and white, all energy, all life, all possibility.

The central mandala is Metatron’s cube. The sacred geometrical forms here express all forms in the universe, they represent the building blocks of “Everything”. Surrounding it the connecting circles, triangles, pyramids and cubes spread out, interlinked, one form allowing and creating the next and so on. Like in life, everything that we do, past, and present, everything we create and think are connected, interlinked and go on to create our experience of life and our future. The connecting shapes here, like the connecting experiences of life are essential to each other. Time, past, present and future exists here.

This is universal order and balance. Call Metatron to you to help release obstacles which may be blocking you and to clear lower energy. Ask his assistance to help you re-establish order, clarity and balance in your life and in your self. This will bring you the opportunity to open, to see clearer the true measure of things and to realise your full potential.


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