The Earth Goddess


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To walk the earth lightly with a loving heart.
To honour the earth for all She offers us.
I have been so in awe this year watching all the trees go from stark, barren, seemingly inert, to vibrant, blooming abundant green in a relevantly short period of time. All the flowers are blooming, the hedgerows are thick and lush with leaves and life, the fields are a bright luminous yellow filled with flowering rape seed. Such magnificence in nature and all that the earth gives to each one of us. I wanted to honour Gaia/earth with a special bracelet reflecting the energy of the trees and forests, the rivers seas and oceans, the earth’s soil and core and the love and gratitude we all feel to the Earth Goddess for all that she gives us. 
I recently read somewhere that trees reach out and support each other through their root system even after a tree is no longer alive. They honour the memory of that tree…. How amazing is that? Perhaps it’s time we all started following their example and take a leaf out of their book!! (excuse the pun). Let’s wear this bracelet with intent, knowing we are honouring and saying thank you from our hearts to the heart of Mother Earth for all she offers us. In wearing it let us all be reminded to walk lightly upon the earth, recycle where we can, use less chemicals in our home, make ‘greener’ choices etc. I felt that this bracelet should be energised outside over the summer solstice period to capture the full moon energy and the solstice energy.

Crystals used

African Opal

A delicate stone with a fine vibration – it enhances cosmic consciousness and aids in accessing and expressing ones true self. Opal enhances self-worth and helps you to understand your full potential. The green/brown African opal gives meaning to everyday life and brings about a spiritual perspective.

Olive Green Jade

Encourages you to become who your really are and assists in recognising yourself as a spiritual being on a human journey and awakens hidden knowledge.


A protective and grounding stone. Balances yin and yang energies and clears electromagnetic and environmental pollution including radiation.

Blue Aventurine

A very positive stone of prosperity. Balances male/female energies. It stimulates emotional recovery and enables living within one’s own heart. A powerful mental healer.


A most effective healing stone. Promotes spiritual attunement and enhances communication. It assists creative problem solving and aids creative expression.

Lapis Lazuli

A stone to quickly release stress and brings deep peace. It processes enormous serenity. Lapis encourages taking charge of life. It reveals inner truth, encourages self-awareness and allows self-expression without holding back or compromising. It helps you to confront truth wherever you find it and to accept what it teaches. It aids in expressing your own opinions. It dissolves blocked emotions and suffering from the aura.


An extremely soothing stone. It calms the brain and nervous system. It alleviates worry and fear, soothes emotional trauma and manifests universal love. It balances masculine and feminine energies and many aspects of the personality.

Black Obsidian

A very powerful and creative stone. It grounds the soul and spiritual forces into the physical plane. It can help heal past negative energy from past lives. It protects, repels negativity and disperses unloving thoughts.


Is a stone of Grace and elegance. It decreases anxiety while increasing attention to detail. It works beneficially on the heart chakra, opening one to unconditional love and increased service to mankind. It is a stone of inner growth as well, and helps with self-love. It is also a calming stone, with energies used for easing anger as well as calming stress and anxiety. It is said to bring emotional balance, and as such bring confidence in one's life in many areas.


Grounds and anchors you in the present reality. A stabilising stone with high energy. It is excellent for restoring vitality and motivation and for stimulating creativity. It has the ability to cleanse other stones. It gives courage, promotes positive life choices, dispels apathy and motivates for success in business and other matters. It helps overcome abuse of any kind. It overcomes negative conditioning.

Red Tigers Eye

Provides motivation. Combines the Earth energy with the energies of the Sun to create a high vibrational state. A very protective stone.


This crystal energises the heart chakra and stimulates acceptance of oneself and others and is useful for forgiveness and compassion. It encourages commitment and brings a sense of security and trust.


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