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These very special and powerful crystals have come together in this bracelet to offer us all healing and support at this difficult time in the Earth’s history. We are going through turbulent times where humanity is being tested at every level of being. The Earth is going through a cleansing process, forest fires are burning, Europe has recorded the hottest temperatures over the summer, there is political discord at every turn and it has become increasingly difficult to turn on the news, especially in the UK and USA as well as other countries.

We as light-workers are asked to keep focusing positively on the light, transmute the shadow, keep working on ourselves, forgive everyone of everything, keep grounded, keep balanced, watch what we eat, watch what we say, watch what we think…… on and on it goes, and we need as much help as we can to keep ourselves aligned to higher consciousness. To keep ourselves connected to our higher selves, walking now in our mastery towards our Ascension. No easy task as we know, but this bracelet comes in to offer us the support we need at this time with the help of these very special and powerful crystals.

Crystals used

Raw Pink Opal

Offers us a vibrant uplifting and joyful energy. It is a wonderful stone to use in times of stress and helps to get rid of emotional hang ups and worries.


Is a joyful crystal which restores life’s sweetness and helps us to value ourselves. It connects us to the solar ray and the realms of Christ Consciousness. It can lift dark moods and it encourages optimism and enthusiasm.

Green Opalite

Helps to contact the Angelic Realm and bring harmony to our lives. It brings in flashes of inspiration, psychic insights and clairvoyance. It brings in peace and serenity and helps to heal the heart. It helps us to face both hope and fear together, alongside accepting and growing with change. It teaches us that we no longer have to lower our frequency to navigate the changing energy.


Is a master crystal that never needs cleansing, it clears a persons energy field effortlessly, it brings in tranquility and calm and it enhances our communications skills.


Is connected to the Angelic Ray and is a beacon to attract angelic light. It imparts a gentle strength and enormous inner peace. It dispels worries from the mind and promotes mental clarity.


In conjunction with Selenite can fully activate the Earth Star chakra which is vital at this time in grounding and calming the body and mind. It draws off negativity and helps integrate the energy from other crystals whilst strengthening positive thought projections.


Offers protection against negative energies. It is a stone of action, vitality and will stimulating the flow of ideas whilst bringing confidence to the wearer.


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