Shungite Pendant EMF Protection Necklace (Electro Magnetic Frequency)


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Shungite is one of the rarest and most amazing minerals on earth. It is very old, in fact said to be around 2 billion years old. It is an extraordinarily positive stone and is said to absorb and eliminate anything that is a health hazard to human life. It is a powerful stone to shield you from the electromagnetic radiation given off by electrical equipment including computers, mobile phones, microwaves and televisions.

With this in mind, I have put together this special necklace which has a large Shungite pendant hanging from it. The other beautiful crystals are all powerful stones offering protection to the aura as well, so all in all, this necklace will not only be beautiful to look at but a mighty powerful aura protection too!

In the age where we are surrounded by EMFs on a daily basis, and the introduction of 5G with all the health implications and fears, I was guided to offer this necklace to help repel and transmute any negative energies coming towards us.

Crystals used


Found only in Kareia in Russia, this ancient stone shields you from the electromagnetic radiation given off by computers, mobile phones etc.


An extremely soothing stone. It calms the brain and nervous system. It alleviates worry and fear, soothes emotional trauma and manifests universal love. It balances masculine and feminine energies and many aspects of the personality.


A very positive stone of prosperity. Balances male/female energies. It stimulates emotional recovery and enables living within one’s own heart. Reinforces leadership qualities, promotes compassion and empathy.


A highly protective stone. It cleanses the aura. This stone dissolves illusions and reveals truth. It helps you to absorb new information and promotes quick thinking.

Smoky Quartz

Is one of the most efficient grounding and anchoring stones and at the same time raises vibrations. It is a superb antidote to stress. It assists in tolerating difficult times with equanimity, fortifying resolve. It teaches us how to leave behind anything that no longer serves us. It relieves fear, lifts depression and brings emotional calmness.


Shields the aura from negative energy. It can help to keep out the negative vibrations of pollutants at the physical level. It allows one to recognise the purity of the universe.


Helps one sort out things in your mind and it provides a calming atmosphere. It helps you reach for your goals and to realise that the only limitations which exist are those self-limiting beliefs in the mind. It helps you to stay grounded and to stick by your beliefs and set your boundaries.

Chlorite or Phantom Quartz

A very powerful healing stone. The properties are overwhelmingly positive. It cleanses the aura, the chakras and the energy meridians. It attacks anger, hostility and dissipates the energy.

Black Spinnel

A highly protective stone, that repels negativity from the aura. It alleviates stress by restoring balanced emotions. It calms and relieves anxiety and depression, and rejuvenates and regenerates the body’s chi energy. It enhances all the positive aspects of your personality and helps in achieving and accepting success with humility.

Black Obsidian

A very powerful and creative stone. It forces facing up to one’s true self and facing the shadows within and helps bring imbalances to the surface for release. It repels negativity and protects the aura.


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