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For the first time, Aura Beads presents a bracelet of ONE powerful crystal only – Green Angelite – which is a powerful stone that helps us connect to the Universal Consciousness and Source Energy. Radiating a peaceful ‘Aquarian Age’ vibration, it raises our state of awareness and enhances healing, serenity and intuition.

It relieves energetic forms of anxiety and stress, clearing the channels of our aura to align to a resonance of ‘balance and inspiration’.

For us, we felt the vibration of the creative Seraphim Angels surround the decision to make this bracelet with Green Angelite, for in wearing this bracelet we attune ourselves as ‘human angels’, walking the Earth/Gaia at this time of critical evolution with as much support as the angelic realms can give us!

It was made with the intention to help all who wear it open up to their true spiritual frequency of love, clearing away the debris of everyday life and worries so we can be the best version of ourselves.

Crystals used

Green Angelite

Is one of the "stones of awareness for the New Age". It represents peace and brotherhood. It facilitates conscious contact with the angelic realm. It enhances telepathic communication and enables out of body journeys. It deepens attunement and heightens perception so it’s a powerful stone for healers. It helps you to speak the truth, whatever it may be. It creates a feeling of deep peace and tranquility.

(I hadn’t realised but I have used Green Angelite in nearly every new bracelet I have made this year so to me, this stone is the stone of 2021 and is very needed at this time. We are being guided to connect more consciously with the Angelic realm for support).


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