Angels of Ascension


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Energised over the 2015 Winter Solstice and Christmas Day full moon. Invoke these angels every day to guide and support you on your Ascension pathway.

Crystals used


An extremely powerful and protective stone with a high spiritual connection. It enhances spiritual awareness, promoting love of the divine. Amethyst is a stone of spirituality and contentment. It facilitates transmutation of lower energies into the higher frequencies and provides a clear connection between the Earth plane and the higher dimensions.


Clears blockages from the aura. Brings cosmic awareness. Reduces stress and depression and halts obsessive thoughts and relieves despondency. It assists in the transformation of the energies of lesser spiritual ideals to the energies of universal light, hope and acceptance. A stone to aid with transitions from one life to another, it facilitates astral travel, and re-birthing.

Clear Quartz Crystal

The most powerful healing and energy amplifier on the planet. It absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy and is excellent for unblocking it. It contains the 7 colours of the rainbow and is the white light manifest on Earth.


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