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I was guided by the Dragons and Merlin to bring through a new bracelet on 8th November 2022 which was full moon in |Taurus (Earth) and also a full lunar eclipse. I knew the bracelet had to be the colours of green and violet and that it would be a healing bracelet for the physical body/DNA to wipe the slate clean as well as a healing bracelet for Gaia, Mother Earth. We are connected in every way to Gaia and what we do to her, we do to ourselves. (At this time there is the United Nations Climate Change Conference going on in Egypt and this also seems significant).

That we were expelled from Eden is an illusion, this bracelet aligns us to the truth, that we are one with the Earth, a reflection, and to return to blissful state of “Eden” wholeness, we only need to recognise this within ourselves and align our physical, mental, spiritual and emotional bodies to the vibrations of purity, detoxification and trust.

The challenges we are facing currently seem so extreme that it takes enormous courage, strength and energy on a daily basis to stay above the drama, to stay in a high vibrational state and not get sucked into the doom and gloom of war, energy crisis, high interest rates etc. Also there seems to be much illness around with many people struggling to stay healthy in their bodies.

This bracelet comes through to offer support to both the physical body and to Mother Earth, to keep our hearts beating as one, to trust in the Divine Plan that we are birthing a new age. To clean up our bodies, wipe the slate clean and return ourselves and the Earth once more to the Garden of Eden.

Crystals used


An extremely powerful and protective stone with a high spiritual connection. It enhances spiritual awareness, promoting love of the divine. It helps clear the aura of negative energies. An excellent stone for meditation.

Green Garnet

Gives strength during difficult times and increases physical vitality, kindness and compassion. Green Garnet symbolises growth and rejuvenation of life. Its green colour depicts Mother Earth.

Moss Agate

Believed to be the most powerful of all the Agates it balances the emotions and refreshes the soul. It is a stone of new beginnings and releases from blockages and spiritual shackles. A stone of wealth, Moss Agate attracts abundance. It releases deep seated stress, brings optimism and hope and helps you to trust in the future.

Burmese Jade

Jade is a stone of love and nurturing which attracts good luck and positivity to the wearer. It is known as a stone of purity and purification. Another meaning of jade is gentleness and nourishment because jade is a stone that protects and supports loving heart energy. Jade that comes from Burma is reputed to be the of the highest quality.


A very positive stone of prosperity. Balances male/female energies. It stimulates emotional recovery and enables living within one’s own heart. Reinforces leadership qualities, promotes compassion and empathy.


Clears blockages from the aura and clears electromagnetic pollution and transmutes negativity. Brings cosmic awareness and dissipates negativity. Reduces stress and depression and halts obsessive thoughts and relieves despondency. Frees you from the influences of others. Lepidolite assists in the release of old stuck behavioural and psychological patterns, gently inducing change.


A highly protective stone. It cleanses the aura. This stone dissolves illusions and reveals truth. It helps you to absorb new information and promotes quick thinking. Dissolving fixed patterns of behaviour and gently opens the door to the subconscious bringing suppressed feelings to the surface for resolution.


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