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Connecting to the beings and ‘Nature Elementals’ of the Earth. This bracelet embodies the Balancing and Grounding Rescue Energy of the Guardian Spirits of Nature.
This bracelet connects us to the most centred part of ourselves, and brings a link to the inspirational world hidden around us in the presence of the earth elementals.

Crystals used

Green Moss Agate

Believed to be the most powerful of all the Agates it  Balances the emotions and Refreshes the soul, it is a stone of new beginnings and releases from blockages and spiritual shackles. A stone of wealth, Moss Agate attracts abundance. It releases deep seated stress, brings optimism and hope and helps you to trust in the future.

Golden Hematite

Helps one sort out things in your mind and it provides a calming atmosphere. It helps you reach for your goals and to realise that the only limitations which exist are those self-limiting beliefs in the mind.  It helps you to stay grounded and to stick by your beliefs and set your boundaries.

Abalone Shell

Especially useful for handling and calming emotional situations and to be very soothing to the emotions. It brings in a magical ethereal quality and opens the mind to other possibilities and realities.


A very positive stone of prosperity. Balances male/female energies. It stimulates emotional recovery and enables living within one’s own heart.


A stone of unconditional love and the crystal to heal the healer. It connects the wearer to Archangel Raphael for deep healing. It shows you the way forward on your spiritual path. It alleviates deep fears connecting to the past including past lives.


An extremely soothing stone. It calms the brain and nervous system. It alleviates worry and fear, soothes emotional trauma and manifests universal love. It balances masculine and feminine energies and many aspects of the personality.

Red Jasper

Calms the emotions and is often used as a “worry bead”. It cleans and stabilises the aura and strengthens your boundaries. A very grounding stone.


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