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Be inspired with Aura Beads new “Motivation Bracelet” which has been created to offer us all support and motivation with our lives including healthy eating, exercise, work, creativity, teaching or any area that we struggle with. We often start out with good intentions to start something new and make changes, but often end up sabotaging ourselves before we really get going. These crystals will offer us motivation, inspiration and support to succeed and attain our goals with regard to this. Do you need motivation in your life? These crystals have been put together in such a way as to offer that support.

Crystals used

Raw Blue Chalcedony Nugget

A creative stone. It opens the mind to assimilate new ideas and helps acceptance of new situations. It enhances listening skills and communication. It gives a feeling of lightheartedness and harmony. It eases self-doubt, calms the emotions, improves mineral assimilation, increases physical energy and balances the mind and body and emotions.


Is a joyful, light-inspiring stone. It heightens intuition and brings in light and energy. If life has lost its sweetness, Sunstone will restore it and help you nurture yourself in positive ways. It increases self-worth, assist with people feeling “different”, disadvantaged, discriminated against, and abandoned. Gives self-confidence and lifts a dark mood.  It allows the real self to shine through happily. A very positive stone.


This stone has inspirational properties. The interface point between consciousness and matter, it is a stone of manifestation and promotes humanitarian attitude, inclining toward service. Apatite increases motivation and builds up energy reserves. It suppresses hunger and raises metabolic rate.

Clear Quartz Crystal

The most powerful healing and energy amplifier on the planet. It absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy and is excellent at unblocking it. It raises the energy to the highest possible level and contains the 7 levels of the rainbow and is the white light manifest on Earth.

Snow Flake Obsidian

Calms and soothes, putting you in the right frame of mind to be receptive before bringing to your attention ingrained patterns of behaviour. It teaches you to value mistakes as well as successes. It is a stone of purity, providing balance for body, mind and spirit.


Calms the mind and allows new information to be received. Sodalite stimulates the release of old mental conditioning and rigid mindsets, creating space for new thoughts and ideas. Unites logic with intuition and opens spiritual perception, bringing information from the higher mind down to the physical level. It instills a drive for truth making it possible to remain true to yourself and stand up for your beliefs.


A powerful stone for healers because it deepens attunement and heightens perception. As its name suggests, Angelite facilitates conscious contact with the angelic realm. It helps you speak your truth. It facilitates telepathy and helps us connect to universal knowledge.


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