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To connect to the energy of the Goddess Aphrodite, (Greek) also referred to as Venus. (Roman)
Aphrodite was the goddess of love, desire and beauty. Her natural beauty compelled everyone to desire her. She was born from the sea on a giant scallop shell. She represents sex, affection, and the attraction that binds people together.
Connect to the beauty of Aphrodite with this bracelet.

Crystals used

Chrysocolla Nugget

Draws out negative emotions such as guilt and reverses destructive emotional programming. It heals heartache and increases the capacity to love.

Mother of Pearl (Shell)

Mother of Pearl gets its name from the fact that it is the iridescent lining of shell, where pearls can grow. Mother of Pearl has both traditional and New Age metaphysical and healing lore. It is said to attract prosperity. It is used in mystical work and lore to heighten intuition, psychic sensitivity, and imagination. It is purported to protect from negative influence, and transmute negative energy.


Represents selfless love and compassion. It expands consciousness and integrates the spiritual with material energies. This stone imparts a dynamic and positive attitude. It is an excellent stone for the heart and relationships. It attracts a soul mate.

Rose Quartz

Is the stone of unconditional love and infinite peace. It is the most important stone for the heart. It purifies and opens the heart at all levels and brings deep inner healing and self-love. It releases unexpressed emotions and heartache. It can attract a loving relationship.


A stone of courage. Its calming energies reduce stress and quiet the mind. It has an affinity with sensitive people. It clears blocked communication and promotes self-expression. It opens clairvoyance.

Fuchsia Jade

The ancient Chinese culture has revered Jade for centuries. Jade is considered the health, wealth and longevity stone. used also for courage, wisdom, justice, mercy, emotional balance, stamina, love, fidelity, humility, generosity, peace, harmony.


A most effective healing stone. Promotes spiritual attunement and enhances communication. It assists creative problem solving and aids creative expression. It instills inner calm, dispels negative energy and clears the aura.

White Agate

Emotionally, agate gives courage, emotional strength, self-confidence, and dispels fears. It can also lessen feelings of envy by grounding the emotions. In the same way, it assists with acceptance of all things.


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