Everything Is Going To Be Okay


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This Bracelet is made with love and intention to align you to the I AM Cosmic Light of Manifestation – alleviating any blocks that prevent you from realising everything in your life is perfect and to surrender to your desired outcome – as it is already a reality!
We are all on the brink of amazing opportunities, new possibilities, adventures, ideas, transformations – although sometimes as we face our own personal lessons and challenges, we can feel overwhelmed and feel that a resolution is always two steps ahead of us, never in the now.
I feel so clearly that for every one of us, no matter the part of our journey and tests on our path we are facing at the moment – we have already succeeded. By being where you are in this exact moment as you read this – you- are-perfect.
It may sometimes feel like we have a mountain to climb, but tuning into what felt like the Sun God of Ancient Egypt ‘Ra’ with the beautiful Citrine Crystal and sunlight pouring over the bracelets today, I was reminded that happiness, serenity and relief/peace are all about surrender and the release of anxiety and fear/negative thought programmes in our subconsciousness.
In creating this bracelet today, attuning it to a high vibration of healing Reiki, and wearing it, I am reminded by the Universe that…..we really don’t have to “worry, about a thing… cus’ every little thing’s… gonna be alright.”

Crystals used


A powerful cleanser and regenerator. Carrying the power of the sun, this is an exceedingly beneficial stone. It is warming, energizing and highly creative. This crystal never needs cleansing. It absorbs, transmutes, dissipates and grounds negative energy and is extremely protective. It enegises every level of life. It is a stone of abundance and attracts wealth in to your life. Citrine raises self esteem and self confidence, enhances individuality and improves motivation.


A very powerful crystal to help you with coming to terms with grief. It clears worry, stress, grief and sadness allowing more light into the emotions.


Grounds and anchors you in the present reality. A stablising stone with high energy. It is excellent for restoring vitality and motivation and for stimulating creativity. It has the ability to cleanse other stones. It gives courage, promotes positive life choices, dispels apathy and motivates for success in business and other matters. It helps overcome abuse of any kind. It overcomes negative conditioning.


An extremely powerful and protective stone with a high spiritual connection. It enhances spiritual awareness, promoting love of the divine. It helps clear the aura of negative energies. An excellent stone for meditation.

Crazy Lace Agate

Is called the "Laughter Stone" or "Happy Lace". It is associated with fun, dancing, laughter and brings joy to those who wear it. It is a stone of support and encouragement, elevating thoughts and optimism.


A stone of new beginnings. As its name suggest it is strongly connected to the moon and to intuition. Like the moon the stone is reflective, and reminds us that as the moon waxes and wanes, so everything is part of a cycle of change. Its most powerful effect is that of calming the emotions. It is a stone for wishing and dreaming things in to being.


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