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Created at 2pm on 2.2.22

This special new bracelet comes into being just after the New Moon in Aquarius which signified new beginnings and change. In numerology the 222 sequence of numbers are often referred to as Angel Numbers or Master Numbers and the 2 energy references the energy of partnership, relationship, harmony and balance.

The past 2 years have been challenging to say the least, and this bracelet has come in to offer to reconnect us to our divinity, to the high source light pouring into the planet, to break through the dark clouds of negativity. The darkness which surrounds our planet, that of fear and control have seen their power increase over the past 22 months, and now it is time to take back our power, to reconnect the light they tried to block.

My guidance was to anchor light into gold and light/white crystals, so I have used Citrine, Golden Tiger Eye, Amber, Golden Hematite and Hessonite to represent the golden light. Quartz and Rainbow Quartz represents the white light. The Golden Angels flooded the room to support the process of anchoring this powerful source light into the crystals.

Crystals used


A powerful cleanser and regenerator. Carrying the power of the sun, this is an exceedingly beneficial stone. It is warming, energising and highly creative. This crystal never needs cleansing. It absorbs, transmutes, dissipates and grounds negative energy and is extremely protective. It energises every level of life. It is a stone of abundance and attracts wealth into your life. Citrine raises self esteem and self confidence, enhances individuality and improves motivation.

Golden Tiger Eye

Combines the Earth energy with the energies of the Sun to create a high vibrational state. A very protective stone. This is a powerful stone that aids harmony and balance, and helps you to release fear and anxiety. It stimulates taking action, and helps you to make decisions with discernment and understanding, and unclouded by your emotions.


Captures the light and warmth of the sun within its structure. Amber is closely connected to preservation on a spiritual level and it is known to stabilise stronger and higher energies in the body. It helps eliminate negative energies and eliminate fears.


A stone that is good for courage and new challenges. It helps release your fears and gives you more confidence in your actions, thoughts and words. It helps you find your path to divinity.

Golden Titanium Quartz

This is a high vibrational crystal bringing in a higher frequency energy to support your energy field.

Golden Hematite

Helps sort out things in your mind and provides a calming atmosphere. It helps you reach for your goals and to realise that the only limitations which exist are those self-limiting beliefs in the mind. It helps you to stay grounded and to stick by your beliefs and set your boundaries.

Rainbow and Clear Quartz

The most powerful healing and energy amplifier on the planet. It absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy and is excellent at unblocking it. It raises the energy to the highest possible level and contains the 7 levels of the rainbow and is the white light manifest on Earth.


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