Clear Vision Bracelet for 2024


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This stunning new bracelet comes in for 2024 with the message of “holding a clear vision” for the year ahead for what you want to manifest. We are luminous light at our core and we are here on the earth to transmute the darkness into light. It is time now to heal our old hurts and misinformed beliefs, to realise we are unlimited light and have the power to create the world as we want it to be. The only thing stopping us is our own beliefs that we can’t do something or it’s too difficult or we aren’t good enough. It is time to let our limiting beliefs go and to embrace our inner power and light.

Affirmations to say:
“I am unlimited power”
“I am deserving”
“I am divine light and can manifest the life I want”

What do you want 2024 to hold for you? You need to hold a clear vision of what you want to manifest this year. Is it a new job that brings you joy? Is it to regain your health, make changes to your diet and exercise regime, attract more abundance into your life, find new friends, find a soul mate? Everyone will have a different vision but it starts with you focusing on what it is you want to see manifest in your life.

We have a choice in every moment how we react to situations, do we choose to be offended, do we choose the path of negativity, anger, hurt, gossip, hurtful reactions to people and situations?

This is the path to staying stuck and not achieving our goals, whereas, believing we are a spark of divine light enables us to be forgiving of others transgressions, to be loving and kind, to choose joy and happiness in our lives, to move away emotionally from negative people who bring us down, suck our energy and leave us feeling depleted, sending them love and light but not needing to engage further in their story. We can only create the life we want when we let go of all of our hurts, accept that everything has thus far been a lesson to learn from and move forward positively with a clear vision for the future.

Crystals used

Strawberry Quartz

Known as a stone of “Inner Love” to help promote and increase self love. When you start believing in yourself you can achieve anything you set your mind on. Self-belief also helps you withstand any obstacles thrown at you in everyday life.


This stone promotes positive thinking, boosts self-confidence, offers inspiration and success, brings a passion for life, vitality and assists in owning one’s gifts and abilities and sharing them with others. It aligns the base chakra.

Hematoid Quartz

A powerful stone that has many metaphysical properties. It inspires us to manifest new beginnings, encourages optimism and helps energise the physical body. It is useful in removing negativity and also transmuting it into tranquility, clarity and positive Universal Light.


Grounding and balancing and is believed to transform negative energy into a more positive vibration, aiding in mental clarity and emotional well-being. It is also known as a stone of protection against negative energies.

Clear Quartz

The most powerful healing and energy amplifier on the planet. It absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy and is excellent at unblocking it. It raises the energy to the highest possible level and contains the 7 levels of the rainbow and is the white light manifest on Earth.

Mystic Aura Quartz

A very protective stone placing a shield around one’s auric field in order to provide mental clarity, serenity and inner peace. It assist in releasing negativity and stress, soothing and healing the body. This stone holds a huge amount of light and positivity.

Smoky Quartz

Is one of the most efficient grounding and anchoring stones and at the same time raises vibrations. It is a superb antidote to stress. It assists in tolerating difficult times with equanimity, fortifying resolve. It teaches us how to leave behind anything that no longer serves us. It relieves fear, lifts depression and brings emotional calmness.


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