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Bright Light is all about focusing on the light in your life, being in a state of gratitude for “all the good things in your life” is so important for keeping your vibration high. Everything vibrates at a frequency – worry, grief, guilt, anger, shame, fear etc all vibrate at a very low frequency which in turn attracts more of these energies to you. On the opposite side of that, love, joy happiness, gratitude, kindness, peace, celebration; all vibrate at a much higher frequency and in turn, attract more of those vibrations into your life.

This bracelet comes in holding the energy and intention of “Bright White Light” which holds a very high frequency and reminds us to keep our intentions and thoughts as positive as possible. “Do not react in anger, let it go and send it light, don’t focus on the news of war and death, send white light to the situation and let it go. Don’t talk negatively about people in your life with others, move away and send white light to them instead.” The discipline we need to live a “light conscious life” should be effortless, this is why I felt it was so important to work with the bright light energy to support our physical, mental, spiritual and emotional bodies in this way.

We are living through unprecedented times with light flooding the planet and releasing everything that no longer serves our highest good. Do not fear changes, embrace them, ultimately, we all will hold a much higher vibration and raise the energy of the whole planet. To make it easier on us all, we need to focus on the light everyday, keep our thoughts positive and let go of what holds us back.

I have added the crystal “Auralite 23” to this bracelet as it can offer us a deeper feeling of serenity and connection to a higher power, which opens the mind to receiving more positive energies.

Azezulite has been added because it is said to be the first earthly material to receive the infusion of the Nameless Light, facilitated by the high angelic beings known as the Azez. You might say that Azeztulite is one of the key elements of the Vibrational Ascension that the Earth and the human species are now beginning to experience.

In wearing this bright light bracelet you invoke for yourself the highest vibration of pure intention and positive energy. Be kind to yourself at this time, and trust the crystals and healing energy anchored into the bracelet to help support you on your journey, on whatever part of your journey you find yourself on.

Crystals used

Clear, Crackle and Rainbow Quartz

The most powerful healing and energy amplifier on the planet. It absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy and is excellent at unblocking it. It raises the energy to the highest possible level and contains the 7 levels of the rainbow and is the white light manifest on Earth.


This stone never needs cleansing or energising. It has a high vibration with supportive positive energy. It can bring about many much needed changes as Azezulite’s pure vibrations enable one to raise their own vibrations to a higher level aiding in spiritual evolution. It allows for an amazing and intense shift and encourages old patterns and behaviours to be identified and released.

Auralite 23

Is a gemstone with a very strong healing power which activates us at a cellular level. It is a stone of awakening on every level and has called a "Bridge to the Divine".


Is a wonderfully serene crystal. It is a stone of love and serenity offering a calming energy. It holds a magical light within which helps to remove the energy blockages of the chakras and help you to hold more light in your aura.


Helps sort out things in your mind and provides a calming atmosphere. It helps you reach for your goals and to realise that the only limitations which exist are those self-limiting beliefs in the mind. It helps you to stay grounded and to stick by your beliefs and set your boundaries.

White Jade

A stone known for its power to make you feel calm and peaceful. It holds light in its centre and is said to unblock the chakras so you can receive more light and guidance.


A stone of new beginnings. As its name suggests, it is strongly connected to the moon and to intuition. Like the moon, the stone is reflective, and reminds us that as the moon waxes and wanes, so everything is part of a cycle of change. Moonstone is a stone of inner growth and strength. It soothes emotional stress and emotions providing calmness, enhanced intuition and inspiration. It is a stone for wishing and dreaming things into being.


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