72 Angels of the Kabbalah Necklace


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With a total of 144 crystal semi-precious stones to represent the 72 Angels and matching the Aura-Soma bottles that correspond to the relevant angel. This necklace has been energised and will continue to be energised by the wearer, when the Angel names are intoned or sung.

Crystals used: Ariel B23, Haheuiah B24, Hakamiah B25, Elemiah B26, Menadel B27, Eyael B28, Umabel B29, Daniel B30, Asaliah B31, Aniel B32, Nith-Haiah B33, Nelchael B34, Hariel B35, Cahetel B36, Veuliah B37, Pahaliah B38, Lauviah B39, Rehael B40, Haamiah B41, Manakel B42, Iah-hel B43, Nithael B44, Sehaliah B45, Chavakiah B46, Reiyel B47, Leuviah B48, Hahaiah B49, Achaiah B50, Mikael B51, Melahel B52, Yezalel B53, Anauel B54, Haaiah B55, Mumiah B56, Nemamiah B57, Nanael B58, Yelahiah B59, Yehuiah B60, Vasariah B61, Laviah B62, Aladiah B63, Lelahel B64, Hahahel B65, Caliel B66, Mebahel B67, Haiyael B68, Mitzrael B69, Jabamiah B70, Harahel B71, Imamiah B72, Mihael B73, Yeiazel B74, Yeratel B75, Yeiayel B76, Haziel B77, Mahasiah B78, Lehahiah B79, Jeliel B80, Habuhiah B81, Seheiah B82, Vehuiah B83, Sitael B84, Lecabel B85, Poyel B86, Yeialel B87, Mehiel B88, Rochel B89, Hahasiah B90, Omael B91, Mebahiah B92, Damabiah B93, Vehuel B94


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